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How to get your photos from Smugmug

Smugmug is where you will find all your photos for you to be able to enjoy and share and download. So enjoy this introduction on everything you need to know.  You will first get an email from Argent Dawn Photography with a few links to your photos. The screenshot below is from an email I would send you. On the email the first Link is to the Smugmug link to be able to download your files and videos. The second is this link to show you exactly how to get them, which links you here. Smugmug email from Argent Dawn Photography

After opening the email and clicking on the first link you will see a bunch of thumbnail views of your photos on the left hand side and a large right handed photo.

Smugmug screenshot from Argent Dawn Photography

Underneath the large photo on the right on the Smugmug website there will be a small arrow over a line (the far one on the right) click that button and your photo will begin to download.

Smugmug download screenshot from Argent Dawn Photography

You can see below where your files are being downloaded to. It usually goes to your default download area on your computer.

Smugmug Download screenshot from Argent Dawn Photography

Once you have clicked the download button you have downloaded the full res images. Feel free to rename or move them around in the folders you want to on your computer.

My computer downloads from Smugmug


Now just click on the next photo in the lineup on the left and and download it. Keep going through this process until you have all your files. This also works for your video files.

You can now send the link that was contained in your email to others and give them the same experience you have just had. The link is unlisted so if you have the link you can get to it but it cannot be searched for. Smugmug triple backups all the photos as do I. So you should have no problem if the photos ever get lost.

I suggest keeping the photos on an external flash drive as well as on your computer. That way nothing can get lost. It does happen where originals may get corrupted and something may happen on my end. The more backups the better.

You can now take those photos to Walmart or Costco and get some great prints. If you want things larger then 8 x 10 I suggest going through the Smugmug site which below is shown how to do it. I know it’s a bit more expensive but I set up the printing house through the one I love to go to in the states. They are incredibly high quality and will come back with perfect pictures every time. The nice thing is their customer service is amazing.

If you want to order physical prints or awesome canvases and storyboards like you have seen in studio you can click on the buy photo button.

Smugmug download screenshot

You just pick out the size and press order and its shipped directly to you

Smugmug buy photos screenshot

Just fill in all the required info and make sure everything is cropped properly. Its less expensive then if you do it through my but it does take a bit of time to use the Smugmug page as well as taking the time to make sure everything is cropped properly.

Smugmug shopping cartEnjoy your photos and videos from Argent Dawn Photography

  • Korah Claerhout - December 6, 2016 - 1:42 PM

    What happens if I forgot that I wanted to download my pictures and now they are no longer in your archive? Are they gone forever?ReplyCancel

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