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Ok Girls here is the page all about Mel’s awesome Bachelorette Party happening on November 23rd

12:00 – 5:00

You are welcome to come at any time during this point to give me a hand with the cooking and cleaning of the place. Its not bad but if i don’t get any help I will end up burning something (i’m a good cook I just get distracted, and if you are awesome at cutting veggies then heck yeah cause some of my friends are scared to even watch the way i do it.)


My address is 4 Nottingham Rd, Sherwood Park.

I have a large white soon to be ice cream truck in the driveway. I do have 2 dogs but they will be locked up when everyone arrives and wont be allowed downstairs where everything is happening for allergies (Mel?). Still I cant clean everything 100% so take something for your allergies if you have to.

Click for Google Maps

We will be having:

  • Chicken of some sort

  • a nice salad

  • Roasted Potatoes

  • a mixed veggie

  • Dessert? (If someone has time to make it it would really be awesome.

5:00 Dinner Time


6:00 till we leave.

We will have a variety of things to do such as games and karaoke while the photography is going on. Please bring your own booze.


6:00 – Makeup and hair starts.

Jen’s Daughter Keisha will be coming and doing our makeup and hair. Please wear loose cloths so you don’t get any weird marks etc. As soon as one girl is done I will start photographing in my studio. I will do a variety of different types of shots. Just look at my 18+ folder for the more naughty ones but we can do any type of photography from just glamour nice fully clothed to right down and dirty if you wish.

I will be providing 2 edited photo to each girl. Editing mean I will slim you down, Make skin perfect, fix out of place hairs, make lips fuller, basically make you look as best as possible. I cannot edit a large amount of photos for each girl without asking for compensation I’m sorry. If you are interested in more we can talk price and it will be reasonable. The photos will be available online for you to download after I edit them. You will be able to pick them out and everything that night. Don’t worry Mel yours will be rushed to get them back for nick and I will do 5 edits for you. If you love the photos then you have the chance to purchase an album if you wish. If you decide to purchase an album then every photo we put in there will be edited. The price for albums start at $175 for a 5 page 6 x 6 album. I know they are expensive but these are the  exceptional high quality ones I sell. I normally sell them for over 500. I will try and have a sample book at the studio for you to see.

To see what type of work I do click here 

Here are some tips on what to wear and bring

Hint Mel try and steal one of his Cad-Pad and Beret! And bring your veil.


9:30 or 10:00 depending on the venue

we are going out to the bar. I’m trying to see if we can get a limo package again with Knoxvilles. I hope you are OK with the same place because they provide a free limo and champagne etc. Either way we will be going out to a bar and dancing. If I cant get the limo package I was thinking we could go to Dark. I tried finding it on Google but couldn’t find it.

Feel free to comment and or say stuff on FB. I would like to get a final guest list to give to the bar ASAP.


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